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New silicone flex neon led tube in order to save time and money for our clients

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New silicone flex neon led tube in order to save time and money for our clients!

used for indoor home ,hotel KTV Bars decoration,ect!

For most noen strip , no matter side view neon strip or top emitting led strip , usually are work outdoor use . While for indoor use, especially the wall led decoration, it is a shortage for led industry .

If we use flexible side emitting neon strip , it is difficult to installation , if we use normal led strip ,  the light spot is not welcome for clients .

So we need a new product: It both easily to installation to keep the high quality and save time, and have the neon color effect , refuse the light spot !


We did it !!! Here we are pleasure to share our new covered neon led strip, which like the following videos:


With this strip , we firstly stick the led strip in the grooves of the Al alloy shell , it wont damage the strip (while for most neon strips, it has the risks) . Ans then  Out the Alloy shell into the wall . Finally we covered it with the silicon neon strip .

In this way , we make it : smooth magic color without light spot , and easily to install, make less damage on the led strip , and save the labor costs and time .

The following are the Covered neon strip sizes :

Download the latest Neon flexible silicone tube for led strip here please(without logo)


we advice use the led alumium profile to fix and install the neon led strip 

2020 neon led tube.jpg

The size are 30*20 mm , 20*20mm, 16*16mm, 12*12mm  for all most all kinds of strip in the market . No matter it is single color, Dual CCT color, RGB color, RGBCCT 5 in 1 color, or digital color . They can work !

1.30*20mm .

We can see the groove shell of the strip , it suit for 20mm width . means it can cover 20mm width groove in the wall . While the strips in the wall groove ,it is independent , no matter what color , it will be ok if its width smaller than 20mm .




We have 2 versions : Both black and white color version to apply for diifferent places. Such as normal indoor use , we use white color, while for KTV ,Bars, dark places, we recommend black color .

3.16*16 mm .




for outdoor use -use below the Ip68 led strip and snap-back neon tube--which is easy to repair and no problem for outdoor use !

For normal strip , its width from 4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm to 10mm 12mm ,most strips can compatible with these shells well .

Pls note that ,the strips and Aluminum shell , silicon covered neon tube are packing into different boxes when shipping . 

Usually you should install the aluminum shell in the  wall grooves, then stick the led strips, then add the covered silicon neon tube .

Download the latest Neon flexible silicone tube for led strip here please(  without led strip )


Download the latest Neon flexible silicone tube for led strip here please(with led strip)


If any detail questions, pls let me know . Thanks for watching .

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