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Ethernet-SPI/DMX Art net pixel light controller(BC-216)

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Ethernet-SPI/DMX Art net  pixel light controller(BC-216)

This Ethernet-SPI/DMX pixel light controller is dedicated to converting the Ethernet signal into SPI pixel signal, which is designed for large project with high-density pixel light, such as matrix panel lights, construction's contour lamp, etc. Besides converting Ethernet-based control protocols into various LED driving IC signal,

it also outputs DMX512 signal at the same time, convenient for the connection of different types of led lamp, and to achieve the unified control of all kinds of led lamp in the same project.
This software have 2 versions V1 and V2 , V1 version is with ArtNet protocol , V2 version is with ArtNet and sACN(E.1.31) protocol. Notice:

The factory software of V1 can't be upgraded to V2 software, but factory software of V2 can be upgraded to V1 software.

Basic Features

1. With LCD display and built-in WEB SERVER setting interface, easy operation.

2. Support Ethernet DMX protocol ArtNet, sACN(E1.31) (only V2 versions), can be expanded to other protocols.

3. Multi SPI (TTL) signal output, up to 5440 pixels control.

4. Output DMX512 signal at the same time, convenient for the connection of different types led lamp.

5. Support various LED driving IC, flexible control.

6. Support online firmware upgrade.

7. Adopt DIP plug-in design for the easily-worn parts, Users can repair the damage caused by wrong wiring or short circuit.

8. Built-in test mode, using a network interface with indicator light, work status is clear when at a glance.

9.it supprt dmx512 software such as Madrix,Freestyler, resolume arena,Arkaos,ect


Model         BC-216
 Working Voltage DC5-DC24V
 Output Current 3A X 16CH(Built-in 5A fuse)
 Input Ethernet control protocol  V1: ArtNet
V2: ArtNet, sACN(E1.31)
 Output Control IC  2811/8904/6812/2904/1814/1914/5603/9812/APA102/2812/9813
 Control Pixels RGB:340 Pixels X16CH   RGBW:256 Pixels X16CH
 Output DMX512 Two port(2X512 Channels)
 Working Temp -20~55℃
 Product Dimension L260×W146.5×H40.5(mm)
 Weight(G.W) 1100g

detailed datasheet specification

Ethernet-SPI/DMX Art net pixel light controller(BC-216)

english user manuel

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