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Rose Lighting Digital LED bar lights up Apex club in Philliphines

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Digital LED bar lights up Apex Club in Philliphines

Projects Details

Location : Cuba, Philliphines

Product category: Architectural lighting

Type of the lamp:

Digital RGB LED bar light


The bar wal lighting proiect can crete a new image of the bar and create a colorful bright and clear ighting atmosphere. The bar ighing proiect can make the bar have a stronger sense of moderity and urbanism, thereby enhancing the style of the city and increasing the atraciveness of the urban space. This kind ofimage integrated into the lighting system can fuly display the urban environment and urban cultural elements. and at the same time it can enrich the night lfe of the citizens and enhance their sense of happiness.

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Product parameters

  • Product type : Rigid LED Pixel Bar

  • Working voltage : 24V

  • Viewing angle : 120°

  • Signa l: SPI

  • IC type : SPI WS2812B/sk6812

  • LED type : SMD5050 Epistar brand

  • LED color :  Full color RGB

  • LEDs QTY : 64 LEDs per 1 meter

  • Power : 15W watts per 1 meter

  • Color temperature : R:620-625nm G:515-520nm B:465-470nm

  •  Lumens:2000-2500MCD/LED

  • Bar Size: L1000mm*W20mm*H20mm

  • Tube Diameter 30MM

  • Lifetime: 50000 hours

  • Mode of connector: 4Pins M12 Connector

  • IP rating :  IP66 Waterproof

LED Control System

1 pcs artnet master controller - GC6600 controller and 4 pcs slave controllers - GC6808 controller

GC-6600 controller :   Used as a master controler for GC series controlers (GC-6808 & GC-6612pro).  It supports online use with Madrix or Resolume softwares and offline use with SD card.  Supports a maximum of 177 slave controlers with 100 meters connection distance from each controler at maximum.  A highly recommend go-to controller for big lighting projects such as events lighting and commercial lighting.

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GC-6808 controller : ls an 8 port controller used online with Madrix , ShadowDraw ,  Resolume and other lighting sofwares. lt controls a maximum of 8240 pixels of SPl and DMX512 control systems. Each pot outputs 6 unvierses which makes 48 universes for the whole 8 ports. GC-6808 controller suport cascading of upto 100pcs of controllers in series connection.

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