DC24V 10mm 120LED/M dual CCT 2700k + 6000K 2 in 1 SMD 2835 led strip light

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Product Details:

1. The standard length of each roll: 5 meters (length can be produced according to requirements)

5meters per Reel accept customised length
2. The width of the FPC board: 8mm, 10mm

Width: 8mm width in 12V DC and 10mm width in 24V DC

3. The color of FPC board: white board/yellow board/black board.

FPCB Color in White. Yellow and black pcb for chosen
4. Working voltage: DC3V-6V, DC12V, DC24V
5. LED specifications: adopt super bright SMD LED
6. Luminous color: 2700-6500K double color, accept red/yellow/blue/green/cool white/normal white/natural white/warm white special color/special color temperature
7. Our company can provide supporting products such as power supply and controller

8. Waterproof type

(1) IP20 is not waterproof (for bare board indoor use)
(2) IP65 epoxy waterproof (semi-waterproof, bare board dripping silica gel, the process is slightly complicated)

(3) IP65 nanometer waterproof (lightweight, no color difference, complicated process)
(4) IP67 casing waterproof (outdoor use, bare board sleeve flexible silicone waterproof tube)
(5) IP68 glue-filled waterproof (full waterproof, working in complex outdoor environments)

9. Packing: anti-static bag/aluminum foil bag, black reel/white reel

10. Warranty: 2-3 years

11. Chip: Gold wire and copper support


1). Architectural decorative lighting
2). Indoor and outdoor Decoration
3). Auditorium walkway lighting
4). Stairway lighting & Decoration
5). Border/contour lighting
6). Channel letter lighting
7). Emergency & Security lighting
8). Cove lighting
9). Shop-window decoration.


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