DC24V 608LED/M Dual CCT 3000k+6000k warm white cool white 2 in 1 COB led strip light

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Valtage(v): 24v

Led density :608 led/M


Power: 14W

Cri: ≥90

PCB width: 10mm

Its advantage:

1)The latest LED COB technology provides high-density light-free lighting, far superior to SMD LEDs

2)Pure color: with the advantages of LED light-emitting components, light color is pure/soft/no glare


3)Easy to install: The LED flexible light bar is equipped with fixing clips, wire grooves, iron nets, etc., which can be installed on various supporting surfaces. In addition, because the flexible light bar is light and thin, it can also be fixed with double-sided tape without professionalism.

4)Low heat: the light-emitting components are LED chips, and the power of a single LED chip is generally less than 0.03W, and the heat generated by a single LED is very low.
5)Energy saving: Compared with traditional lighting and decoration, the power is reduced several times, and the light effect is also greatly enhanced
Environmental protection: Whether it is LED light source or FPC substrate material, it meets ROHS standards
6)Safety: The flexible light bar uses a low-voltage DC 24V power supply voltage
7)Long life: The normal life of LED flexible light bar is 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is several times longer than that of traditional lamps.
8)Perfect decoration for parties, living room, bedroom, KTV, bar, gym, car, bicycle, computer, TV, etc.

Flexibility: Using very soft FPC as the substrate, it can be bent greatly, easy to shape, suitable for various decorations and lighting

Application scenario