TC-809 Artnet -DMX512-SPI led controller

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1.Product Introduction 

  • The TC-809 controller is a controller with LCD digital interface display, which converts Art-Net signals into various pixel lamp chip signals. It adopts standard Ethernet transmission and also accepts DMX512 signal control. Eight output ports, can control a variety of LED driver chips, support automatic addressing function, convenient for users to access different types of lamps, and realize unified control of different lamps in the project. The input network port can be directly connected to the computer network card, and can also be connected to the computer network card via a switch or photoelectric converter. It is widely used in buildings, municipal lighting, stage scenery, entertainment venue decoration, etc.; it can achieve various running changes such as horse racing, running water, tailing, color painting, scanning, raindrops, etc., and has the advantages of convenient wiring and simple use; Single unit can also be used in cascade connection.

1)Techinical Parameter





Input signal:

ArtNet / DMX512

Output signal:

8 X TTL / RS-485



Control Pixels:

RGB:1020pixel×8CH / RGBW:765pixel×8CH

Cascade QTY:

128台:170pixel×8CH / 64台:340pixel×8CH / 42台:510pixel×8CH /

32台:680pixel×8CH / 25台:850pixel×8CH / 21台:1020pixel×8CH

Working temperature:


IP grade:



8G SD card / Green 3Pin connector * 8 / Green 2Pin connector * 1


L180 * W138 * H29(mm)




2)Function and Features. 

.1. Provide LCD liquid crystal screen display, which can display the model, ID, and working status of the controller.

2.8 output ports, each port can load up to 170/340/510/680/850/1020 pixels (the number of load points varies according to different loaded chips).

  1. Two signal protocols for port output: ①DMX512/1990 international standard protocol and DMX512 extended protocol (RS-485 differential signal); ②TTL serial protocol (level signal).
  2. Support a variety of pixel control IC, flexible control method
  3. Controller network IP online/manual setting function.
  4. With DMX512 address writing function, single port or all ports load DMX512 IC address writing.
  5. It can be directly connected to the computer network card when online, or it can be connected to the computer network card through a switch or photoelectric converter.
  6. It can be used as a single unit, or multiple units can be cascaded to use, and supports multi-channel connection of switches.

9.Support DMX512, online and offline integrated control, online priority is the highest, automatically switch to offline playback when there is no 2 online and DMX51 signal, online can be connected to Madrix, offline can be connected to DMX512 console.

  1. The SD card stores offline effect files and supports the download of effect files via ArtNet network, without the need to insert or pull out the SD card.
  2. Flexible use when online, it can be used as the main control (insert SD card), and can also be used as a sub-controller (without SD card).
  3. Sub-control cascade, can be interchanged arbitrarily, and has strong adaptability to lighting engineering.
  4. The communication adopts the international standard TCP/IP network protocol, the optional transmission rate supports 100M/Gigabit adaptive, the transmission speed is more stable and fast, and the nominal transmission distance between each two controllers can reach 100 meters.
  5. The network interface with indicator light is adopted, the working status is clear at a glance, and the T568B line sequence protocol is adopted.
  6. Port ESD protection design,
  7. Power input interface reverse connection protection design

3)Use Precautions  

  1. To ensure safety and normal use of the product, please read the instruction manual carefully before use.
  2. Try to avoid minefields, strong magnetic fields and high voltage areas during installation.
  3. Ensure that the wiring is correct and firm, so as to avoid short-circuit damage to components and trigger fire accidents.
  4. Please install the controller in a well-ventilated place to ensure proper ambient temperature.
  5. The controller must be equipped with a DC constant voltage switching power supply. Please check whether the input power supply meets the product requirements and whether the output voltage of the power supply is consistent with the product before turning on the power.
  6. Live wiring is forbidden. After checking that the wiring is correct, check that there is no short circuit, and then turn on the power again!
  7. Please do not repair it privately in the event of a fault. If you have any questions, please contact the supplier.

2. Product Details  













1)Details of the controllers 





Power input

DC5~24V input


DMX A/B port

DMX signal port(A input, B output)


Red light

Power indication


Green light

DMX signal work (Flash)


SD  card groove

Insert SD card


Network green ligt

Network work (Keep shining)


Network yellow light

Network work ( flash)



ArtNet signal (Input,Output)



Setting parameters


Led screen

Display the informaation of controller


Output connectors

Connect to led products


2)Silkprint details.



DC 5~24V

Power input


DMX signal port(A input, B output)


Power indication light


SD card groove


Ethernet signal input and output




8 output for led products

A   GND   B/DO

Wire define


3)Operating Instructions

1.Output details:

When outputting DMX512/HDMX/TM512/UCS512/SM16512 control signals (differential), three wires are required. When outputting control signals (TTL) such as WS2811/TM1804/UCS1903/GS8206, two wires are required. The wiring method ::


RJ485 Signal wire

TTL Signal










2.Control IC chips:

IC Type

IC chips



TM1804、TM1809、TM1812、UCS1903、UCS1909、UCS1912、UCS2903、UCS2909、UCS2912、UCS2919、WS2811、WS2812、GS8206 etc.







DMX512、HDMX、TM512、UCS512、SM16512 etc.


UCS2904B etc.



3.Use precautions.

1.SD Card formatting

  1. Before copying files to the SD card, the SD card must be formatted (note that it must be formatted before each copy)
  2. Formatter

① SD card settings—"File system", "FAT" format (SD card capacity≤2G) or "FAT32" format (SD card capacity≧4G).

②SD card settings—"allocation unit size", click the drop-down button to select "32K".

③Start formatting.

The SD card on the controller cannot be hot-plugged, that is, every time the SD card is inserted or removed, the controller must be disconnected from the power supply.。

2.File Naming

1) The effect program file is named with a number at the beginning, and the number cannot exceed 3 characters, otherwise it may cause SD card file errors. When the file name needs to be described in text, the number and the text must be separated with an underscore "_"。:


2)When multiple effect program files are stored in the SD card, each file name must start from "000" and be named in an increasing manner of "001, 002, 003...010, 011...". There must be no missing in the middle。



Download the offline software here

Download the madrix 5.0 version software here please.(need our key to open it after installing )

Download the english user manual here

Download the  Chinese user maual here

take noted for installling madrix.
Please uninstall other previous versions of Madrix 5.0.
       Install the main program first. After copying the patch file to the desktop program, right-click to open the software as an administrator. After opening the software, do not choose to upgrade, otherwise the software will not be opened. If you can’t open it after upgrading, you need to uninstall and reinstall it completely. Or you can uncheck the upgrade check box in the software settings.
       In Preferences, Options, Startup. If the computer has the madrix 3 software installed, you do not need to uninstall the 3 version.
Some computers can’t be turned on, you can do this,
1. Right-click to open as an administrator
Uninstall 360 Mobile Assistant, put the root directory file on the taskbar of the computer, and open it in the taskbar
2. Uninstall the anti-virus software Tencent Computer Manager and turn off the built-in anti-virus software
3. There is no graphics card option for the right-click of a single laptop
NVIDIA graphics card option changed to automatic
4. The discrete graphics card cannot be opened in the mode, and the single-machine right-click is opened with the integrated graphics card, and then update the driver or make the system again
5. When the computer turns on the effect, the up, down, left, and right arrows not bedisplayed, which is a resolution problem
6. If there is 360 software to add trust. otherwise the file will be killed