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DMX Decorder DMX512 Console Controller H807DMX Max 1024 Pixels LED Controller For WS2812 WS2813 UCS1903 SK6812 Pixel LED Strip

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DMX Decorder DMX512 Console Controller H807DMX Max 1024 Pixels LED Controller For WS2812 WS2813 UCS1903 SK6812 Pixel LED Strip


1. H807DMX can only work with DMX512 console.

2. Each port controls maximum 1024 pixels. Three ports output the same data.

3. H807DMX occupies 13 DMX channels.

4. Use dip switch to set starting DMX address for each device.

H807DMX supports the following chips:

TM1812, P943, P943S, P9411, P9412, P9883, TM1804, TM1809, UCS1903, UCS1909, UCS1912, WS2811, WS2812, WS2813, SM16703, SM16709, SM16712, INK1003, etc.


Before connecting H807DMX to DMX512 console, H807DMX plays the built-in effects.

After connecting H807DMX to DMX512 console, H807DMX is controlled by MDX512 console.

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Working steps:


Step 1. connect all devices together


Step 2. Set starting DMX address for each H807DMX


Switch up means 0, switch down means 1
It’s like binary, but the sequence is from right to left.
For instance
0010000000 is 1x2²=4, 4 is the starting DMX address.
As mentioned above, H807DMX occupies 13 DMX channels, so you can use channel 4~16 on DMX512 console to create lighting effects
0111000000 is 1x2¹+1x2²+1x2³=14, 14 is the starting DMX address.
So you can use channel 14~26 on DMX512 console to create lighting effects.
In a word, if starting DMX address is 4, H807DMX occupies channel 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 on DMX512 console.
If starting DMX address is 14, H807DMX occupies channel 14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26 on DMX512 console.
You can connect multiple controllers to one DMX512 console
Description of the 13 channels
1st channel: brightness
2nd channel: foreground red
3rd channel: foreground green
4th channel: foreground blue
5th channel: some built-in effects
channel value:  0~15: static effect
                       16~31: comet tail run forward
                       32~47: comet tail run backward
                       48~63: gradual change(foreground color changes to background color then changes to foreground color)
                       64~79: single line segment move
                       80~95: double line segments move (foreground color and background color)
                       96~111: double line segments run in opposite direction (foreground color and background color)
                       112~127: shuttle
                       128~143: fill in
                       144~159: spring
                       160~175: stars flash
                       176~255: static effects
6th channel: change speed
channel value:  0~127: effects run in positive direction, from maximum speed to 1
                        128: effects stop running
                        129~255: effects run in negative direction, from 1 to maximum speed
7th channel: divide all pixels into several groups, each group repeats same effect, minimum length is 2 pixels
channel value: 0~1: 2 pixels
                       2: 3 pixels
                       3~255: 4~256 pixels
8th channel: resize the length of background or black spot
9th channel: background red
10th channel: background green
11th channel: background blue
12th channel: set flash or not
channel value:  0: not flash
                       1~255: flash speed turns from slow to fast
13th channel: set how many pixels H807DMX supports
channel value:  0: 1024 pixels
                        1: 1020 pixels
                        2~255: 1016 to 4 pixels


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