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T8 Music SD Card Led Controller with 1024 pixel *8 for led strip light

T8 Music SD Card Led Controller with 1024 pixelsX8 for led strip light
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T8  Music SD Card Led Controller with 1024 pixel *8 for led strip light

Product Description
Number of pixels
1024 pixel *8
Speed Control
20 adjustable
Signal port
3pin connect port
SD card
Support chip

T8-music led 8-port music controller, with mic microphone and headphone audio input interface, adjust the sensitivity of audio reception through the potentiometer on the panel, 8-port TTL data output, support SPI TTL signal, each port can bring up to 1024points, select the controller model t-8000-1903 or k-8000 in the software when doing the effect program, copy the files into the SD card and insert them into the controller, multiple 8-port music control The controller can realize multiple effect synchronization through the cascade line. Press and hold the mode key on the panel to switch between normal mode and music mode.

Press and hold the mode key on the display screen to switch from p-xx to c-xx, i.e. normal mode to music mode, or from c-xx to p-xx, i.e. music mode to normal mode. Press the mode key in normal mode to switch programs and display A-01 as all program cycles.There are also cycle mode a-xx and single program mode c-xx under the music mode. The time of multi program cycle under the music mode is to set the playing time of each program through an excel configuration file in the SD card. The music multi program cycle mode must have this file, otherwise the play will not cycle. Remember! The file name for setting the playback time is musict.csv, which is an excel file. Each line of the file corresponds to the sequential file program number. The first line of the number corresponds to the playback seconds of the first program. The second line is the playback seconds of the second file program. If the number is 5, it means that the playback 5 seconds is switched to the next program, and the maximum number is 30000 seconds. If there is no such playback time configuration. In case of file or error, the default playback time is 1 minute for each program.

There are microphone and headphone holes on each controller. In the cascade mode, only the host receives music signals, and the slave in the cascade mode only receives synchronization signals from the host. The controller can support up to 80 programs to play in cycles, which can bring diversified and unrepeated cool effects to music. The controller can also be divided into two kinds of playing forms according to 800 frames. The volume control amplitude mode is below 800 frames, and the volume control speed mode is above 800 frames. The sensitivity h-01 to H-12 of the volume control speed mode is adjusted by set button, which further increases The difference of display effect makes the scene more cool. There is another adjustable sensitivity knob on the control panel to further adjust the visual effect of music.

T8 music 8-port music controller can support most common chips in the market. The chips for selecting control need to be adjusted by the set button on the panel in the normal mode. At present, the chips supported are: ucs19 * *, ucs29 * *, tm18 * *, ws281 *,sm1670 *, gs8205,gs8206,6812,9823,9883,tm1914,lpd1886,6803,5109,8109,8806,16716,9813, DMX, DMX512 and other chips. If other chips need to be added Support please inform your supplier. After the program control chip is played with the appropriate playing speed adjusted by the key, it needs to wait for 8 seconds for the controller to save the information just set by the key, and the next time it is turned on, it does not need to be reset.
The manual can be pasted on the reverse side of the iron box cover for the convenience of on-site engineering personnel reading and debugging.
Magic led strip/Full color led neon strip/led module etc.


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