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New Addressable LED Music Controller LC 2000B for Pixel led ws2811 ws2813 sk6812

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New Addressable LED Music Controller for Pixel led ws2811 ws2813 sk6812 LC 2000B 

the new version LC2000B -new new version 0-30V working voltage

LC2000B 控制器自带WIFI热点的,

user Manual Instruction 

The detailed picture






1) Long distance APP remote control via wifi

2) Support almost every kind of one-wire or two-wire LED driver IC ;

3) Brightness adjustable, With 252 kinds of patterns +Voice adjustable pattern,

4)two outputs(each outport able to control up2000 pixels ,the max Pixels quantity 4,000pcs,

With speed  30 s frames

5)support multiple controllers cascade,485 cascade synchronization

6)32-level speed adjustable

7)LED sequence can be adjustable

8)With memory function

9)Support Audio Plug

10)Working voltage:Dc7V-24V

11)Size: L120mmXW70mmXH24mm

12)Packaging:L122*W75*H3 (unit:mm)

13)Gross weight:0.2kg

Screen Print Meaning

ANT: antenna

DC7-24V : Power Input (wide range working voltage)



GND :Negative Electrode

More details ,please click below for detailed manual

Manual Instructions


Package including
1 x led wifi music controller
1 x 1 to 2 audio jack
1 x User Manual
1 x Packing box


Dream Color Music WiFi Controller 5050 3528 5630 RGB LED Strip Light Flexible Music Led Controller RGB Controler 


1.control IC 2048 pixel*2CH output(signal repeat) 2.4 text input mode, 6 Music spectrum patterns, 243 racing patterns 3.RGB order can change. 4.32 speed adjustable 5.auto memory function 6.cascade connection, the first will auto be master when cascade connecting 7.music control function 8.wifi connection APP control Specification: 1. Input voltage: DC12-24V 2. control pixel quantity: 2048*2 3. built-in mode: 252 4. APP: LED Colorful (Android Vision only) Before order, you can download the app to have a quick look. when you start the app, hold press the scaning page will enter the main page.


Compatiable IC :


If the IC in your light is not in the support listing, Do not warry, please check the following chart, these IC can be controlled by the same controller, thanks. TM1804/TM1804B TM1809/TM1812 TM1923/TM1934 TM1913/TM1926 TM1826/TM1829 TM1914/TM1914A(WS2812B,SK6812 support) TM1916/TM1918 TM1814/TM1918 TM1814-RGBW UCS1903B/UCS1903N UCS1909B/UCS1912B UCS2909B/UCS2912B UCS2903B UCS2904B-RGBW WS2801 WS2811/WS2812(WS2812B,SK6812 support) GS8205/GS8206 SM16703/SM16703P(WS2812B,SK6812 support) SM16704P/SM16704PB SM16709P/SM16712P INK1002/INK1003 LX1203/LX1603 LPD6803 LPD8806 APA-102 P9813/P9823 IN1504-RGBW * WS2813 support Using 1. Interior Decoration: clubs,bars,corridors,rooms,hotels,museums,etc. 2. Exterior Decoration: plazas, commercial buildings, senic spots, evening locations,etc. Package include 1 * Led SPI Music Controller If use this controller to control LED pixel screen, can controller 16*16*8pcs


Control Steps:


1. Scan the following QR to download the app, or search "LED colorful" on Google play to install the controlling app.



2. After check the connection of power supply, controller and LED light, power on the controller, then connenect the wifi hot spot "LCxxxxxxxxx" on your phone, password is 8888 8888 .



ps: if you have not the controller, just want to have a look, please long press the "scanning" or "WIFI SET", it will enter the main page directly, thanks.



3. Press setting button, set LED information first. PS: password is 8888 8888. If you do not want to save chaning, press other page button, you will quit from setting page.



4. Each page function.


Type connection mode:






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