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Dc24v 50mm RGB Pixel led source lighting Dc12V 1.68W dmx512 TTL optional

Dc24v 50mm RGB Pixel led source lighting Dc12V 1.68W dmx512 TTL optionalPS: can make RGBW or othermonochrome tooSpecificationItem: RL-50mm-RGB-7-24VVoltage:24V 1.68w/pcsDiamater:50mmLed color:RGBLuminous Angle: 120Control: RGB controlws2811/ucs2903/dm
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Dc24v  50mm  RGB Pixel led source lighting Dc12V 1.68W dmx512   TTL optional

PS: can make RGBW or other monochrome  too 


Item: RL-50mm-RGB-7-24V 

Voltage:24V 1.68w/pcs
Led color:RGB

Luminous Angle: 120

Control: RGB control

ws2811/ucs2903/dmx512 optinal

LED quantity/pcs : 7 pcs RGB smd 5050 leds
Protect grade:IP67

the pixel pitch and quantity per per string is customized base on your project 




can make other monochrome with other shell 

this is dmx512 control( UCS512B3 IC chipset)

packaging for our customized 50mm pixel led with 50cm center distance (50pcs per string with power cable in the middle) 

1000pcs is 38kg 

cartoon size :



cartoon size.jpg



Other pixel led 

Installed Method:

 50MM led Light Source installation method:

1, can be installed by by glue on the bottom of 30mm led pixel lights ;

2,Can used Aluminum profiles 30mm diameter of hole ,then fixed into the position of Profiles for 30mm led point light source ;

3,  can be fixed with screws and snap ,Then fixed into the wall ;


DMX High qualiy led pixel module light string 50mm waterproof IP68 RGB LED Point light source Application :

1. Ferris Wheel, Merry-Go-Round, Pirate Ship, Pendulum, Bumper Car, Rotor etc amusement rides, castles, carnival, funfair ground, attractions lighting.
2. Logo, signage, exposed luminous characters, channel letters, advertisement billboard.
3.Stage, nightclub, pub, KTV entertainment, Bars, Discos, building decorative lighting, bridge edge decoration Building contour,large shopping malls outside wall, Hotel, square street, outdoor AD signs, Logo and other places.
4. Display screen, painted screen, led light project, light engineer etc.


High-end projects Building decoration LED Pixel IP68 Waterproof DMX Control 50mm RGB Full Color LED Pixel Poi Lighting



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