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Daily share from rose lighting

1-rose lighting best seller:12V RGB 1934A led strip


2-led fireworks kit


3-audio sound control portable led kit


4-outdoor use 10pixels 30led spi led strip


5-Dual white flow water led stirp kit


12-Dual white flow led strip and control panel

6-FUT038 GUT096  RGBW led strip


7-40mm 360 degree pixel led tube


8-dmx512 flex led wall washer 42led work with k1000c


9-5v USB rgb led strip kit 30led

10-ws2814 24v rgbw led strip


11-12mm 12v pixel led string


13-360viewing  80mm 95mm pixel led big ball


14-v2 step 1002 led stair controller


15-30mm dmx512 pixel led tube 16pixels


16-Triangle led module


17-LC2000B music wifi  tuya led controller


18-5v 12v fairy led string


19-H807SA work with ledstudio


807sa led controller with panel -detailed user tutorial

20-Madrix mapping & Multi-controllers 807

21-led fiber optic light

22-GC6808 work with madrix


23-LedBuild Effects proggraming with h807sa

24-H802RA Settings Operation Instructions

25-How to program lights effects with LEDStudio

26-H807SA Controller Features lntroduction Video

27-xb809 master controller and dmx address writing tutorial video

28-dmx512  360 degree led flex wall washer 

29-How to design effects with LEDEasy and test on DS2 address writer

how to set address with DS2 dmx512 address writer 

30-2835 RGB 120ledstrip

31-How to program effects with LEDMagic and then on T8K music controller

32-High durable Dual white flexible led wall washer for indoors and outdoors lighting

32-How to set address on 24 channel DMX512 Decoder

33how to use madrix to program with h807sa

34-How to program lighting effects with Madrix and record with Art-Net Recording Tool for offline use with 6612 pro controller

35-360 degrees viewing SPI digital RGB led tube

36-Flexible COB strips catalogue review

37-Neon silicone tube catalogue review

38-Full color RGB pipe led guid light

39-24channel rgb decoder

40-LED Wireless Dream controller review

41How to use ShadowDraw software to draw pixels diagram

42-How to import ShadowDraw csv file to Madrix to use online 6612 pro controller

ShadowDraw-6.46-EN user tutorial video 

shawdowdraw offline software user video

6612PRO product show

6612 Pro led controller user tutorial video

43-dmx512 led big ball


44-Individual addressable dmx512 SM18512P RGB LED strip


45 -2020 newsilcione tube- with led strip from bottom --save time and save labor 

46-6600led master and 6808 led slave

47 -110220V  SMD 5050 Pixel RGB LED Strip

48-How to connect and use FUT096 Mlight controller

49-60mm 18 smd amusment pixel led

50-Special Individually Addressable 5mm sk6812 LED strip

51How to do use Madrix and Art-net tool setting software to control led strip with TM1814 ic chipset

52-360led 12pixel cob led strip

53-720 20pixel cob led strip

54-24v 64pixel led bar

55-How to use SP801E controller on pixel led panel

56-360 viewing 3D RGB pixel led tube-60led per side -40mm diamter -milky white shell 

57-3mm flex COB led strip

58-xb100 dmx512 address writer

59-35mm Amusement pixel led lights for theme parks

60-TC809 LED controller review

61-How to set addressable on dmx512 led strip with k-1000c controller

62--360 degrees flexable led wall washer

63-dmx512led striptm512 with h807sa

64-smd led strip sample box

65-Digital 5v dmx512 led strip with sm18512p pixel

66-360 viewing 38mm silicone neon led tube

67-how to wiring with ws2811 sm16703 ucs1903 led strip with k1000c or sp107 led controller 

68-how to wiring with 1934  led strip with k1000c sp107 h807sa 6612  --ect these led controller 

69- 6612pro work with Resolume Arena 

70-led stair controller 3003 user video 

71-How to make artnet settting with GC /H series led controller 

72- How to use the TTL-spi signal amplifer to make 100long distance from controller to 1th lighting 

73-New dmx512 pixel led bar introduction 

74--Individually addressable HD107S led strip with highest  PWM refersh Rate 27KHZ Transmission Rate:40MHZ

75--Digital pixel led tube with laser beam

76-How to set dmx512 led strips address using LEDStudio 

77-Digital TM1834 RGBW led strip

78-New item-DC24V 20pixels 60leds 10mm width 20meter long no voltage drop 1934Ic Digital Pixel LED Strips with dual signal

79-D15 diamater 360viewing pixel led tube 

by the way 

enjoy rose lighting Recent club lighting project in Philliphenes with Rose Lighting pixel led  bars please


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