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Latest price list for rose lighting product (cob led strip -pixel led strip- Normal rgb &RGBW led strip-dmx512 led strip -led control-led power )

2023-latest Pricelist-Rose Lighting-2023.07.18.xlsx

price list of Solder-free joint (used for led strip-nonwaterproof and waterproof optional)

solderless joints price list from rose lighting.xlsx

 price list of led shell covering Price  for led wall washer -linear led bar ,ect

led shell covering  price list.xlsx

Pricelist of led controller (Normal one)

Quotation of LED strip controller- 2022.xlsx

Pricelist for MLighting led controller 

milight led controller --english catalog.xlsx

Pricelist for SP series led controller 

SP Series Controllers Pricelist-2023-7-31.xls

Price list for Silicone tube(used for led strip)

2023 Rose Lighting Silicone tube price -2023-07-31.xls

Price list for the led aluminium profile (used for led strip mainly)


Price list for meanwell led power supply(used a lot for our led project)

meanwell_price list-2022.12.09.xlsx

Pricelist for waterproof led power supply 

waterproof led power supply - rose lighting(1)(1)(1).xlsx

price list for led bar 

pixel led bar price list -2023.03.11.xlsx

Price list for amusment led 

amusement  lighting price list.xls


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