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Rose lighting Pixel led strip lights up your wedding colorful and owesome

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Rose lighting Pixel led strip lights up your wedding colorful and owesome !

Technology advtange: Programming shadowdraw led software with Automatically identify drawing map smartly

the can use recording toolng to record the madrix software to play the madrix effect when online , or copy to sd card when offline.

This project is Designed and installed by  Mr   Promise  lighting engineer!

address:  Grand Hotel Vienna in  Pu Luo  district in shanghai china

1)Light  Type

LB1934A pixel led strip with silicone gel coating 


Color:Full Color (RGB addressable)

LED Quantity: 60 pcs quality brightness  5050 RGB led

Ic Type:LB1934A  20 pixels per meter (SPI control ) 

Working Input Voltage: 12V 15watt/meter

click our webiste for details


quantity:100meter (100meter used for the flower share project)

Installing  method : the led strip is sticked inside the custom shape aluminium profile -

then use the customized cut acrylic covering plate to make the flower shape。

by the way -in order  to save labor and save cost ,try below solution with flexible led aluminium profile -

but need Draw a flower shape before fix the  flexible led aluminium profile with screw.

below solution as follow for your reference.

quantity:300meter (300meter used for the wall or ceilling )

Installing  method : the led strip is sticked inside the wooden groove

(which need to get ready in advance-then use the  seperated silicone neon tube to make the covering)

enjoy detailas as follow 

More detailas and advantages of the  seperated silicone neon tube to make the covering -please reference to our website 


2)led control system

GC6612 pro  Artnet DMX Madrix Pixel led Controller with 12port – Support Artnet MADRIX Jinx!,Resolume,etc.


1). GC6612pro with 12  port Artnet Madrix Pixel led Controller DMX Artnet Controller suppport 48universie supports Art-Net protocol, 12 ports, each port outputs max 6 universes.
2).Support Artnetsoftware-such MADRIX Jinx!,Resolume,etc
3). supports dozens of led chips, such as WS2812, WS2813, UCS1903, TM1914, sm16703 dmx512 etc
4). In online mode with madrix -GC6612pro  supports max 1020X12  pixels with 12 ports.
5)suppport cascade-more than 10pcs
6). support DMX512 ic address edit

7)support offline with sd card 

8)support dmx512 console or other dmx512 devoice .
look for details from rose light website please


3)software: Madrix 5.0 with 2048 universies

madrix download link .


offline software -which suppor record madrix.


4) rainproof  led power supply

There are  30pcs rainproof waterproof   led  power supply 400watt Dc12v-used for the project-details as follow



About us

Rose Lighting is professional led strip manufacturer ,which integrating production, R&D, sales and engineering .

we focus on led strip  and project solution since 2012 in shenzhen china。

we take care of  KTV, bars, wedding halls, outdoor lighting Mai Jazz light strips ~ pixel strip projects!

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we offer  various exhibitions, commercial performances, TV stations ~Madrix programming,

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welcome your inquiry.

Our Main Type: 

Pixel led strip ,
dmx512 led strip ,
digital led strip ,
RGB led strip ,
CCT dimmable led strip ,
neon flex led strip ,
normal led strip and customized led strip led controller and accessories


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