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Dc24V 360 bendable dmx512 waterproof flexible 25mmX27mm dmx512 RGB or rgbw led wall washer 24led 4pixels per meter

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Dc24V waterproof flexible dmx512  RGB or RGBW led wall washer 24led 4pixels per meter


  • DC24V

  • color : RGB or RGBW 

  • beam angle(50%)25°/35°/20*55°

  • LED quantity/m  :24led per meter  (24led has 24W and 36W per meter max)

  • working temperature :-25°C-+45°C

  • Cuttung unit : 250mm

  • Max length:5M (with one power input from one side)

  • warranty 3 years

  • IC chipset: UCS512DH

  • 4Pixels per meter  ucs512dh IC chipset

  • Size: W25*H27mm*L1000mm

  • Installing distance  5cm away from the wall-can light up the wall to  3meter long tall


3000K 4000k  6000k -one color optional 

3000k-6000k -dual white optional 

dmx512 white color  optional 

dmx512 RGB color optional 

dmx512 RGB+white color ( 24W and36W optional)




exterior wall outline, street lighting, festival exhibition, party decoration, hotel, commercial building, road lighting, window, community,

river, park, municipal square, guardrail, stage and other places layout

用途范围 :外墙轮廓,街道亮化,节日布展,派对装饰,酒店、商厦、道路亮化,橱窗、小区、河道、公园、市政广场、护栏、舞台等各种场所布置


High-power bright lamp bead scheme design, flexible bending (positive bending should not be less than 300mm);
. High-quality LED large chips are used, and 5054RGBW high-brightness lamp beads are used.
·A variety of power options and W color temperature options are available, with a wide range of applications;
·Waterproof up to IP65, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications;
Uniform luminescence, soft and smooth light, creating a comfortable environment, the standard 1-meter light strip,
Light and shadow highlight the outline and texture of the wall, enhancing the shadow and three-dimensional sense of the wall;
·Using silica gel, produced by advanced technology, it has good softness, easy bending, beautiful appearance,
Weather resistance and stability;


1. Do not cover this product as covering may cause the strip to overheat, melt or ignite.
2. It is strictly forbidden to install with power on. After the installation is completed, confirm that the connection is correct before turning on the power to avoid short circuit and damage to the product.
3. Do not replace or damage the circuit board or other components of the light bar privately.
4. Please avoid scratching, twisting and irregular bending of the product during installation, so as not to damage the product and insulation performance
5. Please refer to the definition of the minimum bending diameter when using, the bending diameter is not less than 300mm, too small bending diameter will damage the product itself
6. The minimum twist angle of the minimum length unit must be <360°/M, too large twist angle will damage the product itself.
7. If the actual application length exceeds the specified length, it will cause overload and heat generation and uneven brightness.
8. In order not to hurt your eyes, try to avoid staring at the light emitting surface of the light bar that is being lit for a long time.
9. Non-professionals are not allowed to install, dismantle and repair the product.

Download the detailed datasheet here please 

English verson 

side viewing Flexible-DMX512-Wall-Washer.pdf

chinese version

360 bendable dmx512 rgbw led wall washer.pdf


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